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Paso Robles History

Looking Back: Southwest starts service at Paso Robles Airport, Deputy catches escapee

Excerpts from Thursday, April 26, 1956, The Paso Robles Journal: Southwest will start service here on Sunday Four flights daily will be scheduled Southwest Airways […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1940: Education week observed, Soviet navy nears Ukraine

Excerpts from Wednesday, April 17, 1940 The Paso Robles Journal National Education Week to be observed Students to give special programs Paso Robles will cooperate […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1931: Girl abandonment facts out

Excerpt from the Tuesday, May 5, 1931 Paso Robles Spotlight: Father’s actions in case not explained Neighbor takes girl. Tangle of marriage and divorce makes […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1936: Storm brings rain and ends Yankee training school

Excerpts from Saturday, April 4, 1936, The Paso Robles Times: Storm brings 1.23 inches of rain Eighty-eight hundredths of an inch of rain fell on […] Full Article

Looking Back: City launches recreation program, 150 new homes coming

Excerpts from Paso Robles Journal of March 19, 1941: City council accepts WPA. recreation plan, leader will be sent here First steps toward organized recreation […] Full Article

Looking Back to The Bearcat news in March 1938 – ‘Rube’s Day’

Excerpts from Friday, March 25, 1938, The Bearcat: Paso revives Rube’s Day “What fools these mortals be,” that’s what people might think if they look […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1936: Tom Mix to bring circus to Paso Robles

Excerpt from the Saturday, March 14, 1936, Paso Robles Times: –The circus is coming to town! Yes sir, the clowns, the trapeze artists, the performing […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1936: The lost is found — the adventures of Oliver Olsen

Excerpt from the March 28, 1936, Paso Robles Times: – The average motorist, when he sees some article of value lying along the highway on […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1940: Four youths arrested in local crime wave, IRS helps locals file taxes

Excerpts from Wednesday, February 7, 1940, The Paso Robles Journal: Victims identify amateur bandits –Two youthful purse-snatchers were caught “red-handed” last night, solving the question […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1950: City bans bus stop on Spring Street

Excerpted from the June 22, 1950 issue of the Paso Robles Journal: Council Refuses to Allot 95 Feet of Street Parking Space to Hotel Permission […] Full Article