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Column: Adding your child to the title on your house is rarely, if ever, a good idea

By Stephanie Barclay, JD, of Carmel & Naccasha, – When you add your child to title to your home, you are essentially making them a […]Full Article

Letter: New plans for Highway 101 and Wellsona will be dangerous

To the editor, –  In a highly unusual move, Caltrans is rushing highway commissioners to approve plans in the next 96 hours to redirect northbound […]Full Article

Letter: City should cancel the downtown parking program

To the editor, – Thank you Paso Robles Daily News for reporting on the city council’s decision to take our downtown parking program from the […]Full Article

Letter to the Editor: Supervisor knowingly lied on recall response

– Supervisor Bruce Gibson lied on his recall response as he often does whenever it serves him. He counts on people not knowing the truth. […]Full Article

CalMatters: Will Newsom wind up as one of California’s unpopular ex-governors?

– Sooner or later, some California governors wear out their welcome and leave office in clouds of popular disdain. It’s not a universal syndrome. Republican […]Full Article

Legal column: The private key to the crypto castle

By Jesse M. Hancox with The Teresa Rhyne Law Group, It is said that a golden key can open any door. That is certainly not […]Full Article

Letter: Pallid Bat designated as official state bat of California

To the editor, – On Oct. 8, 2023, and effective Jan. 1, 2024, Senate Bill (SB) 732 has been signed into law. SB 732 designates […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: Let’s support the students

– Lately, I’ve noticed that some of the more prominent local news stories have put our schools and students in a less than flattering light. […]Full Article

Column: Turn the radio on

By Ruth Ann Angus, – “Come and listen to a radio station where the mighty hosts of heaven sing. Turn your radio on, turn your […]Full Article

Legal column: Unexpected windfalls, what to do when

By Teresa J. Rhyne, Esq. – Won the lottery lately? Inherited cash or real estate? Maybe got a big bonus at work, or finally sold […]Full Article