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On Faith & Family: Beware the apple of temptation

By Leah Gibson of Paso Robles Temptation. If I were to paint an analogy to describe the evils of it, I would humorously reckon it […]Full Article

Letters to the editor: ‘End the coronavirus masquerade’ letter is uninformed and unbelievable

–The following letters were sent in response to “Letter to the editor: End the coronavirus masquerade”: Response to August Salemi, We hear from numerous highly […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: End the coronavirus masquerade

To the editor, –In life, we encounter many things that appear to work in theory but not in practice. Everyone must soon accept the irrefutable […]Full Article

SLO County Democrats issue statement on Black Lives Matter and Tianna Arata

–The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP) is deeply disturbed by the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s recommended charges against Black Lives Matter activist […]Full Article

Letter: Paso Robles leads county in COVID-19 cases to due lack of common sense practices

–We concur with the sentiments of Mr. Deminico, as to his observations of downtown on Aug. 1: “Crowds of diners grouped too close to each […]Full Article

Letter: Crowds of diners grouped too close to each other in downtown park

To the editor, –I was driving around town 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, 8/1, and I saw dozens of people at nearly every restaurant practically sitting […]Full Article

Letter: Thank you public works for a job well done

To the editor,  –Finally, we have a Public Works Director who knows and understands the benefit of applying crack seal and slurry to roads while […]Full Article

Letter: Wear a mask, social distance, remember freedom is for everyone

To the editor, Our daily news is full of people wanting to have freedom, not to be muzzled, to exercise their constitutional rights, or not […]Full Article

Letter: If the city wants to support businesses, why charge to use sidewalks during pandemic?

To the editor, –We continually hear from our city leaders that they are on board with supporting our local businesses during this pandemic and the […]Full Article

Letter: Leadership has failed our cities and towns

To the editor, –I am sure that I’m not alone in considering the failed leadership of our cities. When mayors relinquish control of their businesses, […]Full Article