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Letters regarding San Miguel CSD election

To the editor,  San Miguel CSD Director candidates Hernandez and Palafox are blind to facts Contrary to what Cesar Hernandez would like you to believe, […]Full Article

Letter: Vote “no” on Measure G

To the editor,  Regarding the “Letter: Measure G allows exiting operations to continue” by Charles Varni His letter is full of hyperbolic over the top […]Full Article

Letter: Measure G is a non-partisan issue 

To the editor,  Measure G is a non-partisan issue, even though the Big Oil companies, and their in-county consultant Supervisor John Peschong’s Meridian Pacific (who […]Full Article

Letter: Measure G allows existing operations to continue

To the editor,  –Yes on Measure G is calling out the opposition for their untrue statements intended to deceive the citizens of SLO County (the […]Full Article

Editorial: Vote No on Measure G

Measure G Is harmful and unnecessary – Please vote no By Gary Philbrick Paso Robles This election, San Luis Obispo County voters are being asked […]Full Article

Maria Garcia for Paso Robles City Council

Promoted Article – A paid political advertisement by Maria Elena Garcia for City Council –Maria Elena Garcia is running for Paso Robles City Council and […]Full Article

Letter: Is Measure G language deliberately confusing?

–An Oct. 18 Tribune article reported: “Yes on Measure G proponents have acknowledged that the language of the initiative is confusing.” I’m starting to wonder […]Full Article

Letter: Vacation rentals driving up rental costs in Paso Robles

To the editor, Over and over, I see new apartments being built with rental prices I can’t even imagine. Let me point out 1 major […]Full Article

Letter: San Miguel CSD Director Ashley Sangster out of touch

To the editor, Our opponent Ashley Sangster seems to be detached from reality. Decisions don’t happen in a vacuum and some of those decisions have […]Full Article

Letter: A vote for Fareed is a vote for Trump

To the editor, A vote for Justin Fareed is a vote for the Republican positions on every issue. Fareed will vote to privatize Medicare, Social […]Full Article