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Caring for each other during the pandemic

Humanity may be facing the worst of times, but they do say that these kinds of challenges can actually bring out the best in people. […]Full Article

Letter: Proposed garbage pick up rate increase is beyond outrageous

To the editor, –Recently the city of Paso Robles sent a letter to all citizens who receive waste (garbage)pick-up in the city listing new rates […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: How can the Mid-State Fair go on?

To the editor, I had thought the Mid-State Fair was to be canceled. In keeping up with all the current guidelines it has been emphasized that […]Full Article

Letter: The life of every single human being is essential

To the editor, For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power and of love and of a sound […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: Most SLO County distilleries selling sanitizer at reasonable price

To the editor, Re: Germ gouging at local distillery When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I resisted engaging in the hand sanitizer business because at the […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: Why isn’t city sending garbage hauling contract out for bid before big increase?

To the editor, The city of Paso Robles has initiated a Proposition 218 process to approve a 33-plus percent hike in garbage collection rates. At […]Full Article

On Faith & Family: When the zombie apocalypse strikes the family

On Faith and Family –By Leah Gibson of Paso Robles My husband and I have two kids under three who are thirteen months apart. I […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: Is staying home asking too much?

To the editor, Beaches in the Bay Area were recently crowded. 75 years ago 70,000 Americans were asked to sacrifice for the good of the […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: Germ gouging at local distillery

To the editor, “Hand Sanitizer for Sale” boasts a large sign in North County. I’m a diabetic in a vulnerable age group. I’m also out […]Full Article

Letter: Touched by the generosity of ‘Roots on Railroad’ owners

To the editor,  I was extremely stirred when I read the April 5 article on “Roots on Railroad.” Owners Chris Beckett and Katie Castillo are […]Full Article