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Letter: Measure G is a non-partisan issue 

To the editor,  Measure G is a non-partisan issue, even though the Big Oil companies, and their in-county consultant Supervisor John Peschong’s Meridian Pacific (who […]Full Article

Letter: Measure G allows existing operations to continue

To the editor,  –Yes on Measure G is calling out the opposition for their untrue statements intended to deceive the citizens of SLO County (the […]Full Article

Editorial: Vote No on Measure G

Measure G Is harmful and unnecessary – Please vote no By Gary Philbrick Paso Robles This election, San Luis Obispo County voters are being asked […]Full Article

Maria Garcia for Paso Robles City Council

Promoted Article – A paid political advertisement by Maria Elena Garcia for City Council –Maria Elena Garcia is running for Paso Robles City Council and […]Full Article

Letter: Is Measure G language deliberately confusing?

–An Oct. 18 Tribune article reported: “Yes on Measure G proponents have acknowledged that the language of the initiative is confusing.” I’m starting to wonder […]Full Article

Letter: Vacation rentals driving up rental costs in Paso Robles

To the editor, Over and over, I see new apartments being built with rental prices I can’t even imagine. Let me point out 1 major […]Full Article

Letter: San Miguel CSD Director Ashley Sangster out of touch

To the editor, Our opponent Ashley Sangster seems to be detached from reality. Decisions don’t happen in a vacuum and some of those decisions have […]Full Article

Letter: A vote for Fareed is a vote for Trump

To the editor, A vote for Justin Fareed is a vote for the Republican positions on every issue. Fareed will vote to privatize Medicare, Social […]Full Article

Letter: This is the most important school board election in years

To the editor, This is the most important school board election since when I started teaching in Paso Robles in 1993. If there is a […]Full Article

Letter: Vote Jim Reed for Mayor to continue street repair

To the editor, I would like to commend the city of Paso Robles for the beautiful new four lane Sherwood Road. It is just what […]Full Article