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Letter: City council decision favors tourists over local residents

To the editor, –At the July 21 council meeting, the Paso Robles City Council voted 5-0 to put a 1-percent sales tax increase on the […]Full Article

Letter to the editor: City Council made some important decisions at special meeting

To the editor, Very important results of the Paso Robles City Council special meeting of July 15, 2020 I was happy with the decisions they […]Full Article

On Faith & Family: Sometimes the hardest thing in life is not knowing what’s going to happen next

By Leah Gibson of Paso Robles –Sometimes the hardest thing in life is not knowing what’s going to happen next. Then again, sometimes the hardest […]Full Article

DA: Release of 8,000 serious offenders from prisons puts victims at risk

–Today, it was announced by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that they will implement a new plan to release up to 8,000 inmates who […]Full Article

5 simple ways to fall asleep

–Getting a good night’s sleep is more than just about feeling great the next day. In addition to feeling more productive and cognitively sharp, a […]Full Article

Letter: Canceling 24 hours away from first graduation is crushing to seniors

To the editor, I’m a current PRHS senior and just wanted to voice my opinion on the irrational decision of the PRJUSD School Board. From […]Full Article

Letter: Proposed 1-percent sales tax on Paso Robles City Council agenda

To the editor: Proposed Sales Tax Increase on the July 9, 2020 City Council Agenda Through this whole pandemic, I have been sympathetic and supportive […]Full Article

Editorial: Wearing a mask and protecting our community is patriotic

  –On this Independence Day we celebrate the foundations of our American freedoms. The preamble of our Declaration of Independence some 244 years ago begins […]Full Article

Letter: Loose dogs killed our pet goat

To the editor,  –We live in Dresser Ranch off of Creston and Stagecoach, halfway between Paso Robles and Creston. Our property borders the Huerhuero River […]Full Article

Letter: How can state afford to house homeless while state budget is upside down?

To the editor, I’ve recently seen the smiling face of our governor as he announces the spending of over $600,000,000 to purchase homes for the […]Full Article