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Police officers and firefighters urge residents to vote yes on measure J-20

–As Paso Roblans carefully consider whether to support Measure J-20, the Paso Robles Police Officers Association and the Professional Firefighters Association would like to offer […] Full Article

Letter to the editor: Beechwood development plan for road improvements cause for concern

Beware of the fox guarding the henhouse –This Tuesday night, Oct. 6, 2020, the Beechwood housing development comes before the Paso Robles City Council for […] Full Article

County Assessor: This could be the beginning of the end for Prop 13

“This could be the beginning of the end of Proposition 13…” –San Luis Obispo County Assessor Tom J. Bordonaro, Jr. today announced his opposition to […] Full Article

Letter of gratitude to public servants

To the editor, –It was an ordinary day when I pulled up into the driveway. My kids were content and safe in the back seat, […] Full Article

California prosecutors urge governor to veto bill they say threatens public safety

–California prosecutors are calling on Governor Newsom to veto a bill that they say would threaten public safety by allowing repeat convicted drunk drivers, elder […] Full Article

Letter: We all need access to recreation services and activities

To the editor, –Really?! Rethink cutting services for the Library and Recreation Services. These are services for the people of the City. We can go […] Full Article

On Faith & Family: All lives matter

–By Leah Gibson of Paso Robles –Life is such a beautiful, thing. A beautiful, messy, incredible, tearful, and unpredictable thing. Some days life seems beautiful […] Full Article

Letter: Please don’t make times even harder by cutting valuable city services

–Is it possible that our Paso Robles City Council knows the price of everything but the value of nothing? They should rethink their idea to […] Full Article

Letter: Attempting to defeat COVID-19 through achieving herd immunity could kill many Americans

–Several months ago, Rush Limbaugh explained “Herd Immunity” to his listeners: “I can explain herd immunity and I can probably explain it in the simplest, […] Full Article

Letters: City needs to keep funding Paso Robles Recreation Department

–The Paso Robles Daily News received multiple letters to the editor in regards to the topic of keeping the Paso Robles Library and Recreation Department […] Full Article
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