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Letter: Let’s make San Miguel safer

To the editor, As I have spent the last few days walking the streets of San Miguel talking to voters and understanding their concerns, I […]Full Article

Letter: Bill Ostrander strong on ag policy

To the editor –I’m not going to debate climate change. Let’s do something about it by electing Bill Ostrander to the State Assembly. Ostrander is […]Full Article

Op-ed: I stand up for victims of sexual assault and abuse

Written and contributed by District Attorney Dan Dow –There are countless reasons why people who are sexually assaulted or abused do not report what happened. […]Full Article

Letter: Small businesses must be offered a reason to stay

To the editor, In response to “Letter: Is the Central Coast one of the worst places in the US for small business?” Agree 100%. This […]Full Article

Letter: Is the Central Coast one of the worst places in the US for small business?

To the editor, I recently read an article that the Central Coast is one of the worst places in the United States for small business […]Full Article

Letter: Diablo Canyon closure will impact the lives of workers and their families

To the editor With the impending closure of Diablo Canyon, I’m starting to get worried about what this really means for San Luis Obispo County. […]Full Article

Letter: Fifteen months later – no change in library steps

To the editor, –Fifteen months after I fell backwards hitting the floor hard while ascending three steps near the library information desk the same unsafe […]Full Article

Letter: Controversial San Miguel CSD Director running for re-election

To the editor, Controversial San Miguel CSD Director Ashley Sangster has filed paperwork to run for reelection for the San Miguel CSD, however he has […]Full Article

Letter: Vote ‘yes’ on Measure G to protect the county from fracking

To the Editor, As a concerned citizen of San Luis Obispo County and specifically the City of Atascadero, I earnestly ask our elected officials to […]Full Article

Letter: Voting ‘yes’ on Measure G more important than ever

To the editor, –In light of the Trump administration’s decision to open up l.6 Million Acres of Federal lands including San Luis Obispo County to […]Full Article
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