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Letter: Local farmers attempt to obtain cannabis permit with Board of Supervisors

In response to “Denied Creston cannabis project will be appealed at hearing” –On Tuesday Sept. 14 starting at 9 a.m., Creston locals are appealing a […] Full Article

Letter: Vaccination will not stop COVID-19

In response to recent letter,  –To the author of “Vaccination could help stop the pandemic like it did for Polio” I am sorry to burst […] Full Article

Letter: Vaccination could help stop the pandemic like it did for Polio

A letter to the unvaccinated community, –The COVID-19 pandemic rages on, and there are still tens of thousands who have yet to get vaccinated, even […] Full Article

Local attorney discusses estate planning for married couples

By Teresa J. Rhyne Marriage and trust(s) –I have frequently heard from couples who put off estate planning because they couldn’t agree on a plan. […] Full Article

Letter: A ‘patriot’ should oppose new and continued war

To the editor,  –This county, and presumably much of this country, has become dotted with flags flying at half mast over the last days and […] Full Article

Letter: Do people of Afghanistan want to be ruled by the Taliban and Sharia Law?

To the author of “Afghanistan is just like Vietnam”, What a horribly ignorant letter. You are so misinformed and willfully blind to the reality around […] Full Article

Letter: Addiction Awareness Day aims to help protect childhood joy

To the editor,  –As real-time drama plays out in Afghanistan, the politics and complexities shroud some human parallels in confusion. The world’s children are inevitably […] Full Article

Letter: Note to school board sums up parental authority on masks, vaccines

To the editor, –The following is an exact copy of a note sent by a parent to the school board of a district concerning the […] Full Article

Letter: Afghanistan is just like Vietnam

To the editor,  –The American invasion of Afghanistan was just like the American invasion of Vietnam, and just like the American invasion of Iraq, and […] Full Article

Letter to the editor: We’re your therapists and we’re tired

To the editor, –Pandemic stress is hitting us all. Maybe a mental health counselor can help? Well, they’re all full. I’ve had 19 requests this […] Full Article
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