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Letter: Why not make the Paso Robles Aquatics Complex enclosed?

To the editor, –With the Paso Robles School District facing a $4.8 Million deficit in 2018, I am surprised that the District is moving ahead […]Full Article

Column: What we allow is what will continue

Does no still maybe mean yes at ecstatic dance group? –I received quite the response from my post last week, “Column: Is ecstatic dance group knowingly […]Full Article

Letter: Ecstatic dance participant responds to criticism

I was surprised to see an article that appeared in this publication that mentioned a scene of sexual predation run amok here in our own […]Full Article

Column: Is ecstatic dance group knowingly allowing sexually predatory behavior?

Column By Editor Skye Pratt – I recently became privy to increasingly shocking behavior from a local man who is an organizer of an ecstatic […]Full Article

Letter: Yes, the homeless population is growing

To the editor, I read ‘Are the homeless becoming more present in Paso’ with incredulity tinged with sadness. I suppose it would be more convenient […]Full Article

Letter: Are the homeless becoming more present in Paso?

To the editor, I stopped at the local deli for a salad, and before I had a chance to get out of my car, I […]Full Article

City responds to traffic enforcement complaint

In response to “Open letter to city officials“ Dear Ms. Combs, I appreciate your concerns and suggestions regarding the mandatory right-turn at 4th and Spring […]Full Article

Open letter to city officials

To the city of El Paso de Robles, –I want to congratulate you on having a beautiful, prosperous and vibrant downtown. I had the opportunity […]Full Article

An open letter to Senator Monning

Open letter to Senator Monning I have attached the new 2018 commission structure Blue Shield of CA just provided. I have several hundred people that I […]Full Article

Letter: A simpler suggestion than the short-term rental ordinance

To the Editor, I’m writing in regards to the readings, discussions, and comments that took place at the Paso Robles Planning Commission meeting of Oct. […]Full Article