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Letter: Homelessness represents our failure as a community to respect others

To the editor, I was crushed to read the recent callous attacks on the people in our community that have the least. Jason Holland asked […]Full Article

Editorial: The solution to homelessness can be simple

What is the editor’s view on homelessness in Paso Robles? –This week, the Paso Robles Daily News, and specifically myself, the editor of this publication, […]Full Article

Letter: Saying the homeless should be pushed out it short sighted and cruel

To the editor, There must be balance. Three recent letters (all published) seek to do no good other than denigrating the homeless community. They are […]Full Article

Letter: Homeless should be removed to protect residents, tourists

To the editor, The city is becoming unsafe due to the homeless population. A large number of homeless live in groups throughout the river bottom. […]Full Article

Letter: We are making the homeless too comfortable

To the editor, This is in response to the visitor from Hawaii commenting on the homeless people hanging out in our downtown park. I totally […]Full Article

Letter: Distressed to see the state of homelessness in Paso Robles

To the editor, I’ve just returned home after a delightful two-week visit to Paso Robles, visiting restaurants, wineries, going to the movie theater and seeing […]Full Article

Letter: The wine industry in Paso Robles is not a ‘one-trick pony’

To the editor, –Listening to Tuesday night’s public hearing as the city council revisited the short rental ruling I was very surprised to hear some […]Full Article

Letter: STRs have a massive financial impact on Paso Robles

To the editor, To date, neither the City Council nor the STR naysayers not the STR proponents have put a number on the true economic […]Full Article

Letter: Why destroy such an important part of Paso Robles tourism infrastructure?

Letter submitted to Paso Robles City Councilmembers: Hi, Steve/Fred/Maria/Tom/Warren, we were shocked by your recent votes to ban short-term rentals in Paso’s R1-zone, which includes […]Full Article

Letter: Council’s decision to ban STRs from residential areas protects residents

To the editor,  Your editorial on vacation rentals (June 10) perpetuates the fallacy that prohibiting non-hosted short-term rentals (STRs) in the R-1 (single-family) zone somehow […]Full Article